Remember   if your alarm activates do not become alarmed.
Simply set it to 'mute' and call us ASAP.
Trouble Shooting

Report a Fault Checklist

If you have an alarm on please check the following before contacting us:

  1. Is there a kink in the irrigation line or blocked sprinklers? Check for kinks and unscrew a sprinkler. If the outlet line starts flowing the alarm will automatically reset when it is ready, usually within 20 minutes.
  2. Can you hear a harmonious humming inside the pump house (the box on top of your Treatment Plant)? If there is no sound or if it is rattling it may have failed and require a site visit.
  3. Have you just had a lot of water usage in your home? Your Treatment Plant may need an hour or so to re - balance itself. In this instance the alarm will reset itself when it is ready, usually within an hour. If the alarm stays on longer than an hour you may require a site visit.

Do you have unpleasant odours coming from the system?

Unpleasant odours are often caused by Ph imbalance inside your Treatment Plant. The simple remedy is to flush 1 450gm box of bi carb soda down any toilet. For faster action pre -dissolve it in a bucket of hot water first. The odour will disappear in 24 hours. If it persists you may require a site visit.

For direct contact with your serviceman phone Shane on 0413 009 041.

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For direct contact with your serviceman, please call